Lieven Van Neste – More Lies From the “Doctor” To An Investor

Lieven Van Neste is Like Herpes

lieven van nesteLiven Van Neste is like that case of herpes that just won’t go away. You can’t get rid of the guy. Like a cockroach you smack one and another one appears with the face of Lieven Van Neste, shouting how you can get rich from five bucks if you just give him a minute of your time. This guy has less credibility than a politician promising you you can keep your doctor if you get on his heath care program, LOL.

Robert Gets Scammed By Following Lieven Van Neste

The latest case in point. This note from a Robert which was recently posted on a skype room which Lieven Van Neste controls. Remember now, kids, he loves to control all these Facebook pages and skype rooms for the people running the business, he just doesn’t run the business, right? Sure. Raise your hand if you are stupid enough to fall for that.

In his letter Robert complains about how he lost money in about five different online scams with Lieven Van Neste. Lieven Van NesteOk, I have a problem here. First, Robert is apparently not bright enough to conduct a simple Google search before shelling out over $7,500 in money. Had Robert spent even five minutes (not a bad return on your investment Robert, five minutes for seven grand but that’s another story) Googling Lieven Van Neste he would have found this site. And then, if he was still stupid enough to put in even a dime or five minutes of effort, well, you can’t cure stupid.
There is certainly more than enough evidence that where Lieven Van Neste goes, poverty follows as I wrote in the last post. Exhibit A ladies and gentlemen, Robert.

Lieven Van Neste’s Response to Robert

What’s interesting is that Lieven Van Neste responded to Robert. I have enclosed some of his response here. His response is basically, sorry dude, but this is high risk and you may lose money. It is part of the high risk investment game. Actually Lieven, these aren’t investments, unless of course, you’d like to admit that to the Securities and Exchange Commission in the U.S. I’ll bet he wouldn’t be saying that if asked by them. Of course, he doesn’t bother to mention that almost everyone who invests with him loses money every time. Unless he trots out his favs like Finbar (a made up person that suddenly appeared on Facebook when Lieven Van Neste was questioned about payments to a Finbar), Monica Ranson and some others that actually participate in his cons and scams.Lieven Van Neste

Ah yes…we need to pay the price to find the few that allow us to gain. Only one problem with that Van Neste; in your cons, there are no winners (unless you count the cons), there are only losers. Of course after his response to Robert, which sounds so soothing and compassionate (just like Lieven does), he moves into promoting a couple of his latest scams, at least one of which, according to people who have written in, aren’t paying. The proofs in the pudding as they say.

Lieven goes onto to discuss the power of compounding, etc. but here’s the bottom line for anyone reading this – it does not work. Ever. These scams are setup so they work for maybe a couple months before the people like Lieven, who set them up, walk away and disappear. You will wind up waiting for your money to compound (OMG, we’re gonna be rich, honey!!!!!) and then poof, it’s gone along with your mula.

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